5 Benefits of Using a Shaving Brush

5 Benefits of Using a Shaving Brush

Preparation is key to when it comes to a successful shave, and shaving brushes are the perfect gentle companion to the edgy razor. A wet shaving essential, whether you’re a Mach 3, Fusion or Safety Razor (aka Double Edge Razor) fan, MÜHLE shaving brushes are available in plenty of shapes, sizes and designs, so there is something for everyone! And yes, in addition to brush bundles made of natural hair, we have a range of vegan options available including luxurious Silvertip Fiber®.

Kosmo Citrine Shaving Brush, with vegan Silvertip Fiber® brushhead


With September now upon us and everyone settling back into their routines, now is a good time to get your shaving game down to a fine art. Here are some benefits a shaving brush can bring to your grooming ritual:

1) You can create a rich, creamy lather with natural soaps and creams (no nasties) and nourish your skin!

A shaving brush allows you to create a lather using an organic shaving cream or creams and soaps that use naturally active ingredients. Aerosol cans that come with ready-made foam, and don’t require a shaving brush, by contrast, often use a host of chemical surfactants that can dry out the skin, lead to premature aging and can trigger allergic reactions and skin irritations.

At MÜHLE all our shaving creams and soaps use natural ingredients and can be paired with a shaving brush to create a great lather. Our vegan Organic Shaving Cream, for example, uses only raw herbal materials obtained from organic farming or organic wild harvesting. Enriched with Argan oil, the lather created is light and smooth in consistency allowing the blade to glide effortlessly during a wet shave. Using products like this with a shaving brush means that skin feels gently restored and nourished after a shave, not irritated and dry. Products like these are not only much better for your skin but also for the environment (and your pockets) due to them lasting much longer and arriving in recyclable packaging.

 Organic Shaving Cream and After Shave Balm with Sophist Shaving Brush 

2) A good shaving brush  cleans and exfoliates the skin.

Exfoliating is the process of removing dirt or dead skin and can help your face look fresh and even appear younger. A shaving brush allows you to do this quickly and easily without even thinking about it!

3) A shaving brush lifts hairs and ideally prepares them for shaving.

When connoisseurs talk about shaving brushes, they often use the term ‘good backbone’ to describe a great shaving brush. A quality brush uses hairs or fibres with soft tips, yet a firm stem to give a good massage effect. This means that hairs are lifted and ready to be removed by your trusty razor.

MÜHLE MD, Christian Müller, uses a Classic Shaving Brush 

 4)You can lather more efficiently and quickly than using your hands.

A rich, creamy lather means your skin is more hydrated and lubricated so a razor can easily glide across and cut hairs. While it may be possible to get an okay lather with your hands, a brush will quickly and efficiently create a knock-your-socks-off lather making your routine not only more enjoyable but also more time-efficient.

5) A shaving brush transforms shaving from a chore to a ritual.

While we are definitely all for efficiency at MÜHLE we also want you to love your shaving routine. The act of gently whipping up a lather, and then massaging a nourishing shaving soap or cream onto your face is calming and feels incredible. Starting your day with a little self- care goes a long way!

 Traditional Shaving Brush with Shaving Mug at our London Treatment Space