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    MÜHLE Vivo Plumwood Fusion Razor
    MÜHLE Vivo Plumwood Fusion Razor
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    • 5-blade razor, compatible with Gillette Fusion
    • Handles made of plum wood with chrome-plated metal highlights

    The Material - Plum wood

    The wood of the plum tree offers intriguing coloring, a vivid grain and is very hard and robust.

    To protect the wood against water, the surfaces are sealed with oil. The resulting soft gleam is a deliberate and highly attractive side effect.

    The Razorhead - Gillette Fusion

    The latest shaving system from Gillette embraces five blades positioned one above the other as well as a precision edging blade located on the back of the cartridge. This design ensures a very close and gentle shave. Its simple and safe handling is ideal even for newcomers. The blades are available from retailers everywhere.

    Gillette Genuine Parts

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