The 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

If you’re looking for something a little extra special this Valentine’s Day, look no further! Curated to help you spoil the one you love, our Valentine’s Day gift guide features everything from exciting new finishes to classic icons. Created with a passion and respect for all things Rasurkultur, our lifetime products offer a touch of luxury to daily routines, gifting the opportunity to slow down and delight in the smaller pleasures.

Beard Oil, $16

Warmly scented with bergamot and cedarwood, the MÜHLE Beard Oil offers additional pampering to leave beard hair neat and glossy. Giving your beard a silky sheen, the lightweight oil features selected extracts of almond, coconut, grape seed, avocado and jojoba for a naturally antioxidant and nourishing formula.

The MÜHLE Beard Oil
Pictured: The MÜHLE Beard Oil

The Purist Ebonite in Silvertip Fibre, $174

One of our newest editions, this breathtaking beauty is made from enduring ebonite. Made by treating rubber with sulfur at high temperatures, the marked red and black tones are reminiscent of ebony and make for one striking statement piece. Complete with a replaceable head, this shaving brush is sure to stand the test of time.

The MÜHLE Purist Ebonite in Silvertip Fibre
Pictured: The MÜHLE Purist Ebonite in Silvertip Fibre

The Companion Razor, $48

Featured as our top pick for this Valentine’s, the Companion is the perfect introduction to plastic-free shaving. Suitable for use on the body and face, this unisex razor is oh so easy to use and is a fantastic eco-conscious swap that’s kinder to both the planet and the skin. Available with four different cord colors, this razor’s sure to be your closest companion yet.

The MÜHLE Companion Safety Razor
Pictured: The MÜHLE Companion Razor with Turquoise Cord

The Organic Shaving Gift Set, $44

Have they got it all? Well don’t fret, you can never go wrong with skincare, especially when it’s as delightful as our Organic range. Beautifully presented, this shave care set is fantastic for even the most sensitive of skin. Complete with full-size Organic Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm, the set contains no synthetic fragrances or colorants, only mild hints of lime and mint fragrance – a delightfully fresh and nurturing gift!

The MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm Gift Set
Pictured: The MÜHLE Organic Shaving Gift Set

The Travel Manicure Set, $181

Complete with durable stainless steel nail clippers, nail scissors, tweezers and nail file our bestselling manicure set is the perfect accompaniment for any city break- or long-distance romance! Presented in gorgeous vegetable tanned cowhide leather, the set develops an individual patina over the course of its use.

The MÜHLE Travel Manicure Set
Pictured: The MÜHLE Travel Manicure Set

Classic Faux Ivory Shaving Brush, from $43

An ode to simplicity, our Classic Brushes are ranked amongst the best in the world. Available in vegan Silvertip Fibre® and natural Silvertip Badger brush-heads, the bundles have an excellent ‘backbone’ that helps to exfoliate the skin and lift hairs ready for shaving.

The MÜHLE Classic Faux Ivory Shaving Brush
Pictured: The MÜHLE Classic Faux Ivory Shaving Brush

The Rytmo Petrol Fusion, $60

Looking sharp in a bold new petrol blue, the Rytmo fusion adds a classy pop of color to any bathroom. Giving a contemporary spin on the daily ritual of shaving, the razor is also available in both Mach3 and Safety razor editions.

The MÜHLE Rytmo Petrol Fusion Razor
Pictured: The MÜHLE Rytmo Petrol Fusion

The Rocca Silvertip Fibre shaving Set in Stainless Steel, $270

For the minimalist, the shave enthusiast or the grand romantic: our Rocca shaving sets are as durable as they are elegant. Italian for castle or fort, the name refers to the very best materials which have been used to create the collection ensuring the sets are fit for any king!

The MÜHLE Rocca Silvertip Fibre shaving Set in Stainless Steel
Pictured: The MÜHLE Rocca Silvertip Fibre shaving Set in Stainless Steel
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